Proofpoint Essentials

Proofpoint Essentials is much more than a powerful spam filtering solution. It is a feature-full, yet easy to use email protection service. This is the best way to describe how Proofpoint Essentials will protect your incoming emails from all threats, including spam, viruses, malware, phishing, and other email born intruders.

Feel free to contact our sales staff for additional information, or view Proofpoint Essentials Features Benefits Guide for an in depth description of all the benefits of this mature, feature-rich email protection service.


Support for our customers using Proofpoint Essentials is provided by SelectNet Internet Services, a wholly owned division of Pearl Technologies, Inc. SelectNet’s support staff is here to help you and all our valued customers answers questions and support concerns with the Proofpoint Essentials service.

To log into your account at Proofpoint Essentials, please visit the link below. Once on the login page, be sure to bookmark that page for future reference and quick access to your quarantine and email protection settings!

For a quick introduction to using the Proofpoint Essentials service, below is a brief introductory video. We recommend viewing this video full screen at 1080p HD resolution.

October 31, 2016 Update: When reporting an email as spam using the link embedded in an email, you no longer need to log into Proofpoint Essentials to complete that task! Now when you click on that link, the email will be reported as spam and the web page that opens will confirm your action with the following notice:
Email successfully reported as spam to Proofpoint Essentials

Click to download Proofpoint Essentials End User GuideAdditional end-user instructions are available in the Proofpoint Essentials End User Guide. This guide is for those of us that prefer to learn at our own pace. Please save it for future reference and review it at your leisure.

Click to download Proofpoint Essentials Administrator GuideFinally, for your organization’s administrator, the Proofpoint Essentials Administrator Guide is also available for review and to save for future reference.